Privacy Policy

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an person. Steps are taken to provide that customers personal data with controllers is always secure and that customers personal data are processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws, internal policies, guidelines and procedures.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide the physicalperson - data subject - with information on the purpose, scope, protection and term of processing of personal data during the acquisition of data and processing of personal data of the data subject.


1. Personal data processing Manager: SIA “Reats”, reg.No. 42402003946, reg.adrress . Rēzekne, Bērzpils iela 42, LV-4600 (hereinafter also - SIA``Reats``)


2. Applicable law: Law on the Protection of Personal Data, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Regulation) and other applicable laws on privacy and data processing.


3. What is the Privacy Policy?

The Privacy Policy is a link between SIA "Reats" and a physical person (hereinafter - the User) who communicates with SIA "Reats" and / or uses the SIA "Reats" website and / or provided services.

SIA`Reats`` is committed to protecting the User's personal data. The Privacy Policy allows the User to understand what information is obtained when the User submits SIA`Reats`` own data or SIA``Reats`` obtains it in his own possession in other ways, and why SIA``Reats`` collects this data and how it will be used.

The Privacy Policy also provides information how SIA "Reats" collects, processes, stores, deletes and protects the User's personal data, thus ensuring that the User's personal data is processed lawfully, fairly and in a manner transparent to the User. The policy applies to the User's personal data, any processing of personal data and the service provided to the User.

If SIA`Reats`` updates this policy, all changes will be published on SIA``Reats`` website.

In order to provide the User with better and more appropriate services, as well as to ensure, maintain, protect and improve the existing services, SIA`Reats`` processes the data collected from the provision of services.


4. For what purposes is the User Data collected?

The user's personal data and other information is collected in order to:

• offer and provide appropriate services, supervise transactions and protect Users from illegal or harmful direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional actions of persons by processing information and data that become available to the relevant persons;

• to process any requests for User information;

• to comply the obligations specified in the regulatory documents of SIA "Reats";

• to provide support services to the User;

• to make customer research, surveys and analysis;

• to provide the User with information about SIA`Reats`` offers, products and services, if the User has agreed.


5. What User Data is processed by SIA`Reats``?

Name, surname, personal identification code / date of birth, correspondence address, telephone number and e-mail address; Bank details, if provided; Data that the Client himself announces to SIA "Reats"; User IP address information; Cookies (website browsing data); other personal data, depending on the type of service provided to the Customer.

This information is stored on SIA "Reats" servers, which are located in a secure infrastructure.

When the User comes into contact with SIA Reats services, SIA Reats server maintains a unique activity log for the User's security, which stores certain administrative and data flow information, including:

• IP addresses;

• access times;

• access dates;

• previously visited pages;

• the language to be used;

• Software error report by browser program used.

This information is important to ensure the quality of the service.

Personal information is not collected without the User's consent.

User data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, but if the need arises, the User data will only be transferred to countries that provide the same level of personal data protection as the European Union.


6. What tools does SIA Reats use for data collection and processing?

SIA "Reats" can automatically collect the above data and receive personal data provided by the User when using the services or otherwise communicating and interacting with the website. SIA "Reats" can also receive personal information from other service providers online. SIA "Reats" can also attract third part service providers to provide technical support in providing the service. SIA`Reats`` is available

information provided by the User to these service providers and third part e-commerce service providers in compliance with all privacy policy norms.


7. What is the basis for the processing of Users' personal data?

Personal consent of the user - The user, as a subject of personal data, by filling in the application and / or contact forms, gives his / her consent to the collection and processing of personal data for certain purposes. The User also agrees to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes in order to make new and individual offers (this consent can, of course, be revoked by the User).

The user's consent is his free will and independent decision, which can be given at any time, thus allowing SIA "Reats" to process personal data for the specified purposes. The user's consent is binding if it is given directly and unambiguously. The user has the right to revoke his / her prior consent at any time by using the specified communication channels with SIA "Reats". The notified changes will take effect within three business days. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to withdrawal.

Provision of the service - in order for SIA "Reats" to be able to provide quality services to the User, SIA "Reats" must collect and process certain personal data, which is collected from the User on the website of SIA "Reats".

Legitimate interests - taking into account the interests of SIA "Reats", which are based on the provision of quality services and timely support to the User, SIA "Reats" has the right to process the User's personal data to the extent objectively necessary and sufficient for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy . SIA``Reats`` legitimate interests include the processing of personal data by performing direct marketing, as a result of which new and / or individual SIA``Reats`` service offers are made to the User.

Fulfillment of legal obligations - SIA "Reats" is entitled to process personal data in order to fulfill the requirements of regulatory enactments, as well as to provide answers to legal requests of the state and local government.


8. Exceptions to User Data Disclosure

SIA "Reats" has the right to disclose personal data only in cases provided for in regulatory enactments.


9. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Each time you visit, the cookies are sent back to the origin site or to a third part site that recognizes the cookie. Cookies, among other things, allow the website to remember the settings selected by the user on future visits, so that they do not have to be specified again each time. Cookies are not used for you personally identify.

SIA "Reats" can use cookies as a means to obtain information from the web server for the above purposes, following the use of the User's site. If the User continues to use the website, the User agrees to the use of SIA "Reats" cookies. Cookies contain information that is transferred to the user's computer hard drive. They help SIA "Reats" to improve the website and provide a better and more personalized service.

The obtained data is used by SIA `` Reats`` website maintainer and Google, which obtains anonymous data and they are not associated with a specific person or a specific IP address. The security of Google Analytics data is certified by the ISO 27001 certificate and the US and EU privacy shield regulations. You can read more about it here:

If the User wants to delete all cookies already stored on the computer or stop cookies that follow the User's actions on the website, the User can do so by deleting existing cookies and / or changing the browser's privacy settings to block cookies (the process is different from the browser to the browser).

For more information on how to do this, visit


10. Duration of storage of users' personal data

SIA "Reats" will process the User's personal data as long as at least one of the following conditions exists:

a) while the User uses the service;

b) the term of storage of personal data is determined or follows from the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union;

c) to the extent necessary for the realization and protection of the legitimate interests of SIA "Reats";

d) until the User's consent to the processing of personal data is revoked.


11. What are the security conditions?

By using SIA "Reats" services or by contacting SIA "Reats", the User agrees to the terms and conditions of SIA "Reats" services.

SIA "Reats" provides, constantly reviews and improves security measures to protect the User's personal data from unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. To ensure this, SIA "Reats" uses modern technologies, technical and organizational requirements, including the use of firewalls, intrusion detection, analysis software and data encryption.

SIA Reats carefully inspects all service providers who process the User's personal data in the name and on behalf of SIA Reats, as well as assesses whether the cooperation partners (personal data processors) apply appropriate security measures for the processing of the User's personal data. in accordance with the delegation of SIA "Reats" and the requirements of regulatory enactments. Cooperation partners are not allowed to process the personal data held by SIA "Reats" for their own purposes.

SIA "Reats" does not take responsibility for any unauthorized access to personal data and / or loss of personal data, if it is not dependent on SIA "Reats", for example, the User himself has disclosed his personal data to third parties.

In case of threatening the User's personal data, SIA`Reats`` will notify the User thereof.

Also, SIA Reats reports information / data processing security incidents or possible incidents without undue delay within 72 hours from the moment the breach became known to it, the data / information security breach shall be reported to the authorities and natural persons involved, as required by applicable laws and regulations. acts and / or European Union law, unless, in accordance with the principle of accountability, SIA Reats is able to demonstrate that the processing of personal data

breach of protection is not likely to jeopardize the rights and freedoms of individuals.

SIA`Reats`` stores all personal information received from the User in a protected database, encrypting part of the data, the connection of which is protected.


13. What are the User's rights?

Contact SIA`Reats`` to receive a copy of SIA``Reats`` personal data.

To correct all personal data at the disposal of SIA Reats, the User has the right to obtain information about those natural or legal persons who have received information about this User from SIA Reats within a certain period of time. SIA "Reats" will not provide the User with information about state institutions that are the promoters of criminal proceedings, subjects of operative activities or other institutions about which the law prohibits the disclosure of such information.

Request the erasure or restriction of the processing of personal data which are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and processed (right to be 'forgotten').

The user has the right to the portability of his personal data.

Contact SIA "Reats" or the institution supervising the processing of personal data (Data State Inspectorate, in connection with questions regarding the processing of personal data.

In communication with SIA`Reats`` it is possible to use e-mail With all information security system issues and information / data security issues not addressed in this

In the policy, you should contact SIA`Reats`` (64623529 and